Easy-Reach TM Auto Visor Clip with Credit Card Insect Repellent

  • Patent pending car visor clip holds spray insect repellent
  • Includes 0.66 oz credit card insect repellent spray
  • Visor clip includes decal and face and optional location inside
  • Deet free insect spray is safe for use on children
  • Perfect for car rentals, car dealerships, ride shares, commercial vehicles and fleets
Discover the perfect promotional item for cars!

- Our Patent Pending visor holder features a snap-out insect repellent spray.

- With our unique design, your message is seen and top-of-mind each time your customer is sitting in their car or truck.

- The EASY-REACH Insect Repellent Spray Kit is a sturdy, plastic clip that conveniently slides onto the sun visor of any vehicle, and snugly holds a credit card design insect repellent spray.

- Includes a full color decal on the outward-facing panel plus your choice of a decal, 1 or 2 color direct print, or full color imprint on the insect repellent.

- Ideal for car rentals, dealerships, ride shares, commercial vehicles, and every driver!

Product Size
ER000: 3.54"w x 2.36"h BOM102: 3.42”h x 2.18”w