12 oz. Grand Pilsner Beer Glass

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  • Slim, flared profile with slight curves accentuates the color and carbonation of light beers
  • Slightly wider top helps maintain a perfect foam head, enhancing aromas
  • Perfect for serving pilsners, pale ales, pale lagers, German beers, and ciders
  • Crystal-clear for exceptional product visibility
  • Durable glass construction
Draw customers in with the enticing aromas of your signature brews when you serve them in this Arcoroc 21054 12 oz. grand pilsner glass. Its slim, flared design makes this glass an eye-catching addition to your glassware collection, while its curved shape helps it fit comfortably in your patrons' hands. This grand pilsner glass's slightly wider mouth helps maintain a frothy head on top of beers while releasing the heady aromas of your earthy ales and spicy pilsners.

Product Size
2.875" Top Diameter x 2.50" Bottom Diameter x 2.875" Max Width x 7.00" Height


Additional Information
Packaging / Weight: 36 Pk / 27 lbs.

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Single Color 2.25"W x 1.75"H

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